You are currently viewing YouTube now makes it easier to get to the best parts of any video on your TV

YouTube now makes it easier to get to the best parts of any video on your TV


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  • YouTube app on TV is rolling out an auto-generated key moments feature across all videos.
  • The service will automatically generate key points across the video timeline, making it easier for TV users to jump through the highlight points of a video.

YouTube is a great way to watch free TV shows on your big screen in the comfort of your home. However, watching videos on your TV comes with its own challenges as opposed to watching them on a personal device like a phone or a tablet. Unlike mobile devices, a TV has no touch interface, and you have to rely on your TV remote for navigation. YouTube has been making a bunch of changes to its TV app, recognizing the uniqueness of the platform it operates on, and this latest change is designed to make it easier for you to cut through the fluff and get to the best parts of the video you are watching.

YouTube CEO Mr. Neal Mohan has announced that the YouTube app on TVs will now auto-generate key moments in a video, and users will be able to access them on any video easily. This will make it easy to check out the best bits in a video without contending with iffy progress bars and accurately seeking out the right moment with a TV remote.

We know viewers love to watch YouTube in the living room, and we’re continuing to innovate to make the experience on TV even better. Now you can easily access auto generated key moments from any video. Check it out the next time you watch YouTube on your TV…

When you are watching videos on YouTube on your TV, you can pull up the video progress bar to see white markers across it. These markers are the auto-generated key moments in the video. You can quickly cycle through them with the navigation keys on your remote. YouTube on TV will also present the thumbnail of that moment alongside a caption, so you have a better idea of what you are getting into.

Creators have been able to manually create chapters that do a similar job of landing users at vital points of the video. This feature helps fill in for when the uploader did not manually create chapters, so users can still get an organized video experience.

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