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Woman falls in sink amid roof collapse


An unfortunate video surfaced from eastern China in which a woman fell into a sinkhole after the shopping center’s floor collapsed, trapping two people, local media reported.

The video captured by the security camera showed that a woman was looking for the items to shop and suddenly the second floor collapsed in the city of Zhenjiang in Jiangsu province.

During the collapse, a worker was also under the floor, according to the People’s Daily.

Both of them were rescued and transported to the hospital. According to the mall’s representative, the scene that both were injured but in stable condition.

He said that the construction worker was wounded by the leg, while the shopper suffered fractures.

“As they are our customers, we, as the responsible party, have been actively handling the aftermath and providing necessary assistance,” Huang said, adding that the collapse may have been caused by damage to a load-bearing wall.

Local authorities revealed that the cause of the collapse in under investigation as the collapse has raised widespread construction safety in the area.

Officials are set to determine if it was only a single incident or if it could lead to an indicative of larger safety flaws in the construction of such buildings.

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