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Will antitrust suits benefit developers?


Ben and Ryan talk about how tiny nations are making huge money from their domain names, the US government’s antitrust case against Apple, the implications of a four-day work week, Reddit’s IPO, and more.

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Small nations like Anguilla (.ai) and Tuvalu (.tv) are benefiting from their coveted domain names.

The US government is suing Apple for violation of antitrust laws, which could have a huge impact on devs, end users, and the whole ecosystem.

Reddit went public last week despite not being profitable since its launch in 2005.

How can you give feedback on a poorly reviewed PR? The Software Engineering Stack Exchange has ideas.

The four day work week is probably not the solution to our work-life balance problems.

AI-powered software development tools like Devon show promise, but their impact on code quality and maintainability remains an open question.

Shoutout to Robert, who earned a Lifeboat badge by explaining Square brackets in CSS.


00:00 Introduction

00:31 The Impact of Dot AI Domain Space

01:07 Antitrust Cases Against Apple

04:01 Vendor Lock-in and Apple’s Ecosystem

05:08 Issues with Infotainment Systems and Apple Play

06:29 The Benefits and Challenges of a Four-Day Work Week

08:03 Providing Feedback on a Badly Reviewed PR

10:00 The Importance of Clear Expectations in Code Reviews

11:40 The Potential of AI Tools in Development

14:01 Reddit Going Public and the Future of Tech Companies

15:29 AI Tool Devon and the Challenges of Operationalizing AI Projects

21:22 Shoutout and Closing Remarks


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