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Why Sabrina Bryan feels ‘lucky’ amid ‘Quiet on Set’ revelations


Sabrina Bryan is a child actor and former Cheetah Girls member

Cheetah Girls alum Sabrina Bryan is grateful that she didn’t have any harmful experiences as a child actor.

With the release of the controversial docuseries, Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV, numerous child actors came forward with their harrowing experiences on set, including Drake & Josh star Josh Peck. 

Sabrina, however, felt grateful for being so “lucky” to have been protected by her parents, as she revealed to People Magazine on the iHearRadio Awards on Monday.

“When you are growing up in front of the camera also how you’re around all adults, there’s a lot of things that go into it, some amazing, some not great,” she acknowledged.

However, she revealed that she “always had a lot of protection” around her in the industry, particularly acknowledging her parents’ efforts to keep her safe.

She recalled that at least one of her parents was always on set with her and always kept an eye on her.

“And I just got really lucky that I had parents that were just always eyes open,” she expressed, adding that, “The industry is amazing, but you have to always be careful and take care of your kids.”

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