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Who Invented Burgers? Unravelling The Juicy History Behind Americas Favourite Dish


If you love burgers, you’re likely seen frequently at fast-food chains offering them, ordering them at cafes, or even making them at home. A juicy patty-whether meat or vegan-sandwiched between two buns with cheese, veggies, and your favourite sauces can be the perfect snack or a satisfying meal. Have you ever wondered who came up with the idea of a burger? And come to think of it, how is a burger different from a sandwich? Where does the name ‘burger’ even come from? Let’s answer all these questions and more as we sink our teeth into the delicious layers of food history.

Who Invented The Burger?

Most food historians agree that the modern burger, as we know it, was invented in the United States. However, pinpointing the one inventor of burger is not as challenging as finding a burger joint in your neighbourhood. There are several fascinating theories and stories surrounding the invention of burgers. Here are some of the key possible inventors:

1. Charlie Nagreen, also known as “Hamburger Charlie,” claimed to have sold the first burger in 1885. At a fair in Outagamie County, he reportedly flattened a meatball and placed it between two slices of bread to make it easier for fairgoers to eat.

2. According to legend, Louis Lassen invented the burger in 1900 at his restaurant in Connecticut. He placed a beef patty between two slices of bread, adding cheese and condiments, creating the first “hamburger sandwich.”

3. Oscar Weber Bilby, a cook in Oklahoma in 1891, originally made a famous pork sausage sandwich. When he ran out of pork, he substituted a beef patty, creating a “hamburg steak sandwich.”
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Where Does The Term ‘Burger’ Come From?

‘Burger’ is a shortened form of ‘hamburger,’ which came first. So, no, a burger with ham doesn’t make it a hamburger. Hamburgers are what started it all, eventually leading to the wide variety of burgers we enjoy today-cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, vegan burgers, and more.

As for the name ‘hamburger,’ it originates from Hamburg, Germany, renowned for its beef, particularly minced or ground beef dishes. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, German immigrants brought seasoned ground beef patties to the US. Dishes like the hamburger steak gained popularity, especially at county fairs and festivals, where vendors served cooked ground beef patties between slices of bread for easy eating on the go. Legend has it that this dish eventually became known as the “hamburger sandwich” or “hamburger.”

Burger Vs Sandwich: Is There Any Difference?

While most people don’t confuse burgers with sandwiches, describing the differences between the two can be challenging. In essence, a burger can be considered a type of sandwich, like a sub or Panini. The main distinction lies in a burger having a grilled patty between two circular buns, while a sandwich can vary in fillings and shapes.

Why The World Loves Burgers

What makes the burger so popular, continuing to evolve as a timeless classic? Here are a few reasons why burgers are everyone’s favourite:

1. Convenience

Burgers are easy to eat on the go and quick to prepare. The rise of fast-food chains offering burgers has further fueled their popularity.

2. Affordability

Compared to other meats, burgers are relatively inexpensive. A burger or two can provide a delicious and filling meal without breaking the bank.

3. Versatility

The possibilities for burger customization are endless. Regardless of your taste preferences, you can tailor the ingredients and flavours to suit your liking.

4. Cultural Significance (In The US)

The burger has become a symbol of American culture and identity, firmly establishing itself as an iconic part of American cuisine.
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The next time you bite into a burger, savor not only the delicious ingredients but also the fascinating historical layers that have shaped our favourite comfort food!

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