You are currently viewing Victoria Beckham and daughter in law Nicola Peltz celebrate Easter together

Victoria Beckham and daughter in law Nicola Peltz celebrate Easter together


Victoria Beckham was dancing during Easter celebrations alongside daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz, signaling a potential end to reported tensions between the two. 

The fashion icon sported matching bunny ears with the heiress as they danced aboard a luxurious yacht to the tunes of the Spice Girls’ classic, Say You’ll Be There.

Beckham revealed her teeth before instinctively covering her mouth with her hands.

In a recent Instagram post, Victoriaexpressed her affection for daughter-in-law, captioning a clip of their Easter celebration with “Love you so much @nicolaannepeltzbeckham!” 

Beckham’s display of love contrasts with her usual reserved demeanor, which she attributed to her involvement in the fashion industry during a past interview with Glamour. 

Despite reported tensions surrounding Peltz’s wedding dress for her lavish Palm Beach ceremony in 2022, the couple has since emphasized their close relationship with the Beckham family. 

Nicola, in a recent interview with Byrdie magazine, spoke fondly of the importance of family, emphasizing her strong bond with both her own and Brooklyn’s relatives.

Beckham’s fleeting smile during the Easter festivities serves as a visible sign of familial harmony, despite past speculation of discord.

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