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UAE announces seven-day public sector holiday for Eid ul Fitr celebration


Muslim worshippers listen to the Eid al-Fitr morning prayer sermon at Dubai’s Eid Musalla in the Gulf emirate’s old port area on May 13, 2021, as Muslims across the golbe mark the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan. — AFP

The UAE has announced a week off for the public sector to celebrate Eid Al Fitr 2024. The resolution, passed by the UAE’s cabinet, gave federal governments’ staff leave from April 8 to 14, Monday through Sunday, while work will resume on 15 April.

This came in a report by the UAE Media Office on the 14th of April in the evening. This type of move allows the employees of the government to enjoy a 9-day holiday period that also includes the weekend near the following.

The Eid official start date will be fixed by the United Arab Emirates moon-sighting council, according to the statement. The Eid holiday plot of the private sector is still unknown. However, federal government employees enjoy the same number of holiday leaves annually for the private sector workers as well.

Public holiday dates in the UAE include:

– Eid Al Fitr: April 8-12

– Arafat Day: June 15

– Eid Al Adha: June 16-18

– Islamic New Year: July 7

– The Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday: September 15

– Commemoration Day: December 1

– National Day: December 2-3

Eid Al Fitr, marking the culmination of the month-long fast for Muslims, is celebrated with morning prayers, family gatherings, gift-giving, and charitable acts. Many seize the extended break to travel abroad or embark on short regional trips, while others use the occasion to purchase new attire for the festive period.

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