You are currently viewing Top 5 Premium Moodle themes in 2024 compared (Best Picks)

Top 5 Premium Moodle themes in 2024 compared (Best Picks)


Are you looking for the best Moodle themes for your LMS website? This comprehensive guide will help you.

Choosing the right Moodle theme for your site can be challenging, especially if you’re new to Moodle LMS.

With hundreds of options to choose from, where do you start?

We’ve made it easy by selecting 5 of the best Moodle themes for your e-learning website.

Read on to discover the best one for starting your Moodle site.

Choosing the perfect Moodle theme can seem like a long shot, especially if you’re new to eLearning. We’ve all been there – overwhelmed by options, unsure of what we need, and afraid to make a mistake that could cost us time and money. That’s where we come in. We’re here to share our knowledge but also our empathy. Many of our team members have walked the same road you’re on. Through trial and error and countless hours of learning, we’ve found solutions and paths to success that we’re happy to share.

What should you consider when choosing a theme for your website?

Choosing a suitable professional theme for your Moodle website will determine the look and feel of your site and how your audience perceives your brand.

Choosing a dull theme that hasn’t been updated for years and offers limited customization and layout options will make it challenging to create a great user experience for your learners, negatively impacting Course sign-ups.

This is why you need to think about the following when searching for a Moodle theme:

  • Professional design and quality
    • Course Layouts and transitions
    • User Experience (Specially for Learners)
  • Time and Effort to Setup
  • Prebuilt Templates
  • Customizability
  • Security (how frequently is the topic updated?)
  • Mobile and Tablet Layouts
  • Compatibility with other Plugins
  • Pricing
  • Support

1. Edwiser RemUI

Top 5 Premium Moodle themes in 2024 compared (Best Picks) 1

Moodle™ theme Edwiser remUI is designed with the end user in mind. It allows you to customize your Moodle™ site according to your preferences. For example, you can create a beautiful front page with a rotating banner and an elegant dashboard.

It simplifies your Moodle™ experience with easy-to-navigate navigation, a visual dashboard, shortcuts for creating courses, and more. The theme has unique features such as a distraction-free learning layout, a drag-and-drop homepage builder, customized course formats, and unlimited customization options.

Moodle™ RemUI is built to work with the latest version of Moodle™, supports RTL languages, and is very fast to operate for both Teachers and Students.

The top features/highlights include: ·

  • Multiple color schemes for great branding ·
  • Focus mode for no-troubles learning ·
  • Custom dashboard blocks and two functional course formats
  • Homepage builder with drag-and-drop functionality,
  • RTL language support,
  • customizable login page,
  • responsive and intuitive design,
  • custom page creation from the ground up,
  • live customizer
  • Dark Mode

2. New Learning

New Learning Moodle Theme
Top 5 Premium Moodle themes in 2024 compared (Best Picks) 2

New Learning Moodle™ is a premium theme with an easy-to-use page builder to help you get your learning platform up and running quickly. It is responsive and comes with a course dashboard, a custom login page, 13 blocks, different course formats, etc.

This is a great theme for anyone who wants to make their Moodle™ website’s learning interface more user-friendly.

Top features/Highlights:

  • Easy-to-use configuration panels
  • Import demo pages instantly
  • Full-screen mode for viewing courses
  • Live Builder to edit pages
  • Supports RTL languages
  • Comprehensive documentation and video tutorials are available.

3. Space

Space Moodle Theme
Top 5 Premium Moodle themes in 2024 compared (Best Picks) 3

The Space Moodle theme is designed for academies, colleges, schools, universities, course hubs, LMSs, and training centers. It provides the best Moodle experience, with a friendly user interface and contemporary design to elevate your Moodle site.

Top features/Highlights:

  • 23 in-build, fully customizable front page blocks
  • Simple Front Page Builder
  • Self-hosted Font Support
  • Multi-language Support
  • Support for RTL languages
  • Compatibility with popular plugins
  • Fully Customizable
  • Fully responsive
  • Dark mode

4. Lambda

Lambda Moodle Theme
Top 5 Premium Moodle themes in 2024 compared (Best Picks) 4

Lambda is one of the best Moodle™ course themes because of its flexibility. This premium theme has a collapsible sidebar, a boxed or full-width layout option, various block styles and layouts, visual page components like sliders, accordions, tabs, icons, and the ability to change the design of your website’s header.

This theme’s overall appearance is neat, professional, and aesthetically pleasing. It is also easy to use.

Top features/Highlights:

  • A wide variety of fonts and typography options are available.
  • Multilingual support, including RTL languages, enables you to connect with diverse students.
  • Social icons that appear in your site’s header, footer, or block regions to increase your social media reach.
  • Simple login form right on the header
  • Modern Footer blocks

5. Edumy

Edumy Moodle Theme
Top 5 Premium Moodle themes in 2024 compared (Best Picks) 5

Edumy is a top-of-the-line Moodle theme designed for online education and educational institutions. It offers unrivaled flexibility and control and an impressive, fully responsive design. Edumy lets you customize it to your heart’s content through a unique block library and Cocoon’s live customizer. Course-based star ratings also boost student engagement.

Top features/Highlights:

  • Multiple Page Designs & Layouts Included in Demo Installations
  • Custom Star Ratings/Reviews for Courses
  • EXCLUSIVE: Course filters — Custom course filtering on category pages, including Paid/Free and Star Rating
  • Typography with Customizable Google Fonts
  • 3000 icons, selectable for your content
  • Night Learning Mode ( Dark Mode)
  • Clean & Simple Design
  • Easy to customize via the theme options
  • Well documented

In a nutshell

Picking the right look for your Moodle learning site is super important. We’ve checked out five top themes to help you out: Edwiser RemUI, New learning, Space, Edumy, and Lambda.

Each theme has its own special stuff. Some are all about making things look cool, others focus on making it easy to set up your site, and some give you lots of options to change things around.

When you’re picking a theme, think about what matters most to you.

Ask yourself this question, do you want it to look great? Or do you need it to be easy to use? Think about the phone and tablet versions, whether it will work with stuff you would want to, and the price, of course.

If you ask us, we suggest checking out the User Experience, Ease of Setup and Use, Support, User Ratings, and the Refund Policy.

To simplify your decision-making process, here is a comparison table covering all the crucial aspects to consider when choosing the perfect theme for your Moodle site.

Feature Edwiser RemUI New Learning Space Edumy Lambda
Design Clean, Professional, and Minimal Modern and User-friendly Super Easy Navigation, Focus Mode for Distraction-Free Learning Course Stats for Learners and Teachers Modern and Professional Professional, Collapsible Sidebar Options
User Experience Easy-To-Use Course Dashboard Default Moodle Theme-Like Experience Demo Cloner, Dedicated Personalizer, 85+ Pre-Made Blocks, and 10+ Page Layouts, Well Organized Configuration Panel, Documentation, Custom Dashboard Easy Navigation, Clean Interface
Ease of Setup and Use Dedicate Live Visual Personalizer with Smart Color Management Customization, Customizable Enrolment Page Custom Course Format. Easy-To-Use Configuration Panels, Import Demo Pages Simple Installation and Documentation for Configuration Demo Installation, FTP Installation Only It May Require More Configuration for Specific Layouts
Customizability Rich Theme Customization Options, Customizable Templates, Advanced Typography Easy To Customize with Configuration Panels Customizable Front Page Blocks Fully Customizable Sidebar, Top Bar, and Footer, Customizable Sign-up Page, Dashboard, and Course Page Custom Page and Landing Page Builder Flexible Enrolment Page Layout Custom Login Page and Profile Page Graphical Dashboard To Track Progress and Performance Rating and Review Multiple Layout Options, Block Styles, Header Design Changes
Theme Updates Regular Improvements, Bug Fixes and New Feature Updates Regular Improvements, Bug Fixes and New Feature Updates Regular Improvements, Bug Fixes and New Feature Updates No Update Since 2020 Regular Bug Fixes and Compatibility Updates Only
Mobile and Tablet Layouts Almost Application Like Feel And 100% Responsive Moodle Mobile Theme Responsive Fully responsive Responsive 100% Responsive With A Clean and Sharp Design
Additional Features Custom Page and Landing Page Builder, Flexible Enrolment Page Layout, Custom Login Page and Profile Page Graphical Dashboard to Track Progress and Performance, Rating and review Full-Screen Course View Mode, Live Page Builder Simple Front Page Builder, Google Font, Support GPDR, Support Fully Responsive Custom Star Ratings/Reviews Course Filters Social Media Icons, Modern Footer Blocks
Support Comprehensive Documentation and Video Tutorials, Dedicated Email, and Live Chat Support – Sales Consultation Call Email Support Email Support No Support or Compatibility Updates Are Available Support Details Not Mentioned
Dark Mode Available and Integrated Into The Theme Not Available Available Not Available Not Available
Free trial 15 Days Free Trial Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Rating 4.9 (200+ reviews) 4.9 (150+ reviews) 4.9 (100+ reviews) 4.2 (200+ reviews) 4.89 (400+ reviews)
Refund 30 Days Free Refund. No Questions Asked No Refund No Refund No Refund No Refund
Pricing $129 (one year support) $119 (six months support) $149 (six months support) $99 (No support) $59 (six months support)
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