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TikTok introduces new viral sweatshirt sleeping hack


For the tired and restless, continuously attempting to get a good night’s sleep but never successful, TikTok has devised a new unusual hack that just might do the trick.

Like how one would wrap their hair in a soft T-shirt or use a bathrobe tie to form curls overnight, securing one garment over the head could help your slumber. On 20 January, TikToker Callie Galey took to her account to share her sweatshirt sleeping tip.

“I’m going to show you how I’ve hacked the system. All you need is a sweatshirt,” she started.

The social media personality grabbed a camouflaged hoodie from behind her and folded it in half.

She continued: “Sweatshirt over the top half of your head.”

Galey took the end opposite of the hood and placed the fabric over her eyes, leaving her nose and mouth open. She then laid back on her pillow and grabbed the sleeves of the sweatshirt from the sides of her face, crossing them around her chin and tying them behind her head.

“I have been getting the best sleep of my life. So comfortable… it works wonders,” Galey added.

“Loling at myself but I swear it works, just try it,” she added in her caption.

Galey was quick to candidly admit she’d come up with the idea out of “desperation”. But regardless of how she devised the hack, it solved her sleeping problem.

With more than 19.2 million views and upwards of 10,000 comments, it’s safe to say Galey’s trick has gone viral. But does it work?

Speaking to Bustle, Dr Jessica Andrade, a board-certified physician, explained how the weight of the sweatshirt could prove to positively affect someone’s sleep.

“The slight pressure exerted by the sweatshirt could create a cocoon-like effect, similar to a weighted blanket, which has been shown to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality for some people,” Dr Andrade told the outlet.

Additionally, tying the sweatshirt in that nature is a form of swaddling, a technique often used with babies to encourage comfort and security. More than that, unlike a typical sleep mask, the sweatshirt wraps around the chin, which would help keep your head in place.

Galey’s commenters proved to be eager and skeptical simultaneously.

“Can’t sleep on my back or my soul leaves my body,” one apprehensive individual noted, referring to the caveat that you couldn’t sleep on your side without feeling the balled sweatshirt.

Another added: “My sensory issues would skyrocketttttttt.”

“Unfortunately I would start dreaming that someone was choking me and wake up in a panic, I also have sensory issues though,” a third said.

A curious woman admitted: “This looks insane… brb trying it rn.”

“This looks so insane but i am 100% trying it tonight,” one person remarked.

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