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This Kasa Smart Light Bulb is 56% off


Are you trying to make your home smart? We think everyone should start with smart lights, and then jump to other intelligent products. The thing is, there is a sea of options, and the most popular ones can be unreasonably expensive. $50-$70 for a single Philips Hue bulb? No thanks! I’d rather hunt for some deals like this one. The Kasa Smart Light Bulb KL110 is currently going for $7.45, a 56% discount.

Get the Kasa Smart Light Bulb KL110 for $7.45

We’d say anything under about $10 is a good deal on a smart light. Especially if you’re getting a bulb from one of the more renowned brands in the smart home industry, such as Kasa. This brand is owned by TP-Link, an industry leader mostly known for its routers. This deal is available from Amazon, and there’s no need to clip coupons or anything. Just add it to your cart and purchase it.

Kasa Smart Light Bulb KL110Kasa Smart Light Bulb KL110
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Kasa Smart Light Bulb KL110

Go ahead, choose a new color every day for the rest of your life.

TP-Link managed to fit just about everything you can ask for into its Kasa Smart light bulbs. You can leave the hub behind and control everything from the palm of your hand at a price the competition can’t quite catch.

The Kasa Smart Light Bulb KL110 is pretty neat in terms of features. The light is dimmable from 1% to 100%, and has a 2700K warm white temperature that is very cozy and relaxing. The LED lighting uses only 9W of electricity, but you’ll get the equivalent of a 60W traditional bulb, in terms of brightness. Of course, you can connect it with all the popular assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It helps that it requires no hub, which usually entails more expenses and a more complex set-up process.

It will be hard to beat this deal, especially if you want only one bulb. It’s important to note Amazon has labeled this as a “limited time deal.” If you want in on it, you should probably buy it as soon as possible! The way these deals go, it might be gone by tomorrow or the day after.

Deals can get better once you start looking at packs with multiple bulbs. For example, you can also get this 2-pack for $15, or this 4-pack for $27. And those happen to be colored smart lights.

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