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This Galaxy Z Flip 6 rival could beat it for camera zoom



  • More apparent Xiaomi Mix Flip specs have leaked online via the HyperOS source code.
  • It’s believed that the phone could pack a 50MP main camera and a 60MP 2x telephoto shooter.

Xiaomi is expected to launch the Mix Flip foldable phone later this year, and it’ll be the first flip foldable from the Chinese brand. We’ve already seen a few leaks regarding the device, and it looks like more apparent information has just dropped.

Android Headlines combed through Xiaomi’s HyperOS source code and found a variety of purported specs related to a device codenamed Ruyi. It’s believed that Ruyi is the code name for the Xiaomi Mix Flip.

For starters, it’s believed that the phone packs a 50MP Omnivision OVX 8000 main camera (1/1.55-inch, one-micron pixel size) and a 60MP OV60A 2x telephoto camera (1/2.61-inch, 0.6-micron pixel size). There’s no mention of an ultrawide rear camera, though. Otherwise, a 32MP selfie camera is also available.

Either way, telephoto cameras are a rarity on clamshell foldable phones. The OPPO Find N3 Flip is one of the only flip phones with this option, so we’d be glad to see another phone with a tele lens. And that 60MP resolution could make for good digital zoom too, theoretically offering 15MP shots at 4x via cropping. This would also likely beat the Galaxy Z Flip 6 for camera zoom, as Samsung isn’t expected to bring a tele camera to its clamshell foldable.

Xiaomi Mix Flip display and launch info

The outlet asserts that the Xiaomi Mix Flip will have a small cover display below the rear cameras, adding that this screen will be used for notifications and selfies with the rear shooters. This wouldn’t be a surprise as loads of flip phones have a cover display that’s used for alerts and as a rear camera viewfinder.

Furthermore, the website suggests that the Xiaomi phone could pack a folding screen with a 1.5K resolution (i.e. between 1080p and 1440p). This would be a step up compared to most other Flip foldables, which typically offer 1080p screens.

Finally, Android Headlines points to the model numbers 2405CPX3DG and 2405CPX3DC to suggest that the phone could arrive in May or June. The “2405” purportedly refers to May 2024. This isn’t an exact science, though, as phones like the Xiaomi 14 and 14 Pro had “2312” and “2311” in their model numbers but the series was launched in October 2023. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra has the model number 24030PN60G but debuted in February 2024. So these numbers do appear to give us a decent ballpark, but you shouldn’t rely on them for an exact launch month.

These aren’t the only Mix Flip leaks we’ve heard in recent times. It’s also believed that the phone could pack satellite connectivity and a thin, light design. Unfortunately, a well-known leaker has claimed that Xiaomi’s first Flip foldable will be a China-only release.

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