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The Crown star Charles Dance’s ‘wonderful’ marriage ‘succumbed to temptations’


Charles Dance opened up about his marriage

The Crown star Charles Dance recently opened up about his marriage, revealing the real reason behind its downfall.

In a heartbreaking admission on Gyles Brandreth’s podcast Rosebud, Charles shared that the actor regrets cheating on his wife and ending their marriage.

The 77-year-old actor tied the knot with Joanna Haythorn in 1970. 

The duo went on to have two kids together, Oliver, who was born to the couple in 1974, and Rebecca in 1980.

The actor who is known for his role in Game of Thrones, admitted that he gave in to his ‘temptations’ later, indulging in an affair which inversely affected their relationship, resulting in their marriage to break down.

He spoke of his role in the 1984 TV show The Jewel in the Crown a crucial factor that resulted in the breakdown of their marriage.

Speaking of his marriage to Joanna, Charles said: “For the most part it was a wonderful marriage, but then, unfortunately, I succumbed to some temptations along the way and the marriage ended because of my behaviour really. I eventually had to come clean.”

He further recounted the instance, revealing his secret to his former wife, noting: “Eventually, I came back and I thought, ‘Really, we have to have (a) very serious conversation’. And I had to come clean and it came as a shock to Jo, bless her.”

Although the couple went through a rough patch following their divorce, the actor confirmed that the two have moved past their differences and became the “best of friends.”

Charles further claimed that his “marriage came to an end huge regret. But after about 18 months, Jo and I, thankfully, became the best of friends, and we remain so, thank God. She had a flat not very far away from where I live and we saw each other quite frequently, and so it kind of all turned out all right in the end.”

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