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The Collective #825


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Olá, frontend friends! 👋

Today’s edition covers Safari 17.4’s update for vertical form controls, dives into CSS fundamentals like the box model and sizing, and explores responsive font sizing techniques.

We also highlight a new front-end framework in the making for versatile and native web components management, called piecesjs by Quentin Hocdé.

And of course, much much more!

Happy reading!

YARD boasts an ultra-modern design and seamless interactions, masterfully created by Clément Cassajus and Benjamin Robinet. It’s undoubtedly our choice for the Website of the Week!

Standout Web Design Picks

  • Crop, resize, trim & overlay on videos

  • Leverage adaptive bitrate streaming

  • Automate format conversion & video quality

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❓Did you know that…

…BackRub, an early search engine from the 1990s, is considered the precursor to today’s Google search engine? It was a brainchild of Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, developed and operated by them in their early days. The project began in 1996 as part of Larry Page’s research at Stanford University, aiming to create a universal digital library. This research, particularly on the structure of links as a vast graph, laid the groundwork for the PageRank algorithm, a cornerstone of today’s Google search.

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