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The best smart rope lights?


I recently tried out Govee’s Neon Rope Light 2, a significant upgrade from its predecessor, now featuring Matter compatibility. The idea of enhancing the ambiance of my office space with these smart lights was quite appealing, so let’s dive into what sets them apart.

Govee Neon Rope Light 2
AA Recommended

Govee Neon Rope Light 2

Flexible design • Very colorful • Matter support

Great for creative smart home builders

The Govee Neon Rope Light 2 can be twisted and fitted into unique designs and with newly-added Matter support, they’re a great fit for almost any smart home.

Govee has been a well-known player in the lighting industry for several years, providing a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive options like Philips Hue or Nanoleaf. Yet while there are plenty of products that all these brands match each other on, the idea of a customizable rope strip light is unique to Govee out of the three. Other brands like Cync do have their own rope-like alternatives too, but Govee is making its own offering even better with the second-generation.

I tested the five-meter Neon Rope Light 2, which comes in a package that includes the lights themselves, seemingly made of silicon. The quality is striking, with the diffused lights creating a more attractive display when mounted on a wall than cheaper alternatives. They give off a soft, pleasant glow that isn’t overly bright or harsh.

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The most time-consuming part of the Neon Rope Light 2 is deciding on a design and setting it up before installation. The package also contains clips with pre-applied adhesive, making the physical installation process easier. The Neon Rope Light 2 introduces longer metal versions of these flexible metal clips for extra versatility, a feature missing in the original version.

For extra security, screws are also included, but the adhesive clips stick well to almost any flat surface, including walls, metal, and wood. However, they are designed for single use, losing their stickiness once removed. Given the single-use nature of the sticky clips, careful planning is necessary. A workaround I found involves using command strips cut to the size of the clips, allowing for reuse instead of disposal.

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Govee’s app offers numerous design options. If you choose a pre-installed design, the app will show where to place the adhesive clips, simplifying the design process. The app also offers a plethora of options, including more colors and different scenes. A unique feature is the music option, where the lights react to sound, creating a dynamic light show. The app also offers pre-made scenes, a DIY option for creating your own color combinations, and an AI mode that can generate scenes for you. You can even upload an image; the app will recreate its colors on the rope lights.

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The Neon Rope Light 2 is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, which allows you limited control of the smart lights. You can switch them on or off or adjust color settings via your smartphone or smart home device. However, you’ll need to use the Govee app if you want more control.

A new feature in the Neon Rope Light 2 is the ability to control the direction of the lights. Govee’s previous version limited light effects from left to right, and you couldn’t do much else with them. However, with the Neon Rope Light 2, you can decide whether it lights up from the left, the right, up, or down. This allows for more creative freedom in your designs.

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Andy Walker / Android Authority

Govee products have always been a favorite of mine, offering a cost-effective alternative to Nano Leaf and Philips Hue, and the Rope Light 2 is no different. While they may not be as bright as some options out there, the quality is comparable. The added Matter support simplifies the setup process, with compatibility across multiple smart home platforms and with other accessories.

The Neon Rope Light 2, while somewhat challenging and time-consuming to install, can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a space when installed correctly and with a bit of creativity. They’ve certainly given my home office a bit of sorely needed color.

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