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Sylvester Stallone believes painting goes beyond words: Watch


Sylvester Stallone discusses his inspiration behind painting:Video

Sylvester Stallone has recently revealed when and how he started painting and what does it mean to him.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, the Rambo star posted a clip in which he shared he began painting at the age of nine to “entertain himself”.

“Before I started to write Rocky for example, I’d always draw the characters before I wrote about them. So, I had some idea of what image was gonna be,” dished the 77-year-old.

The Creed actor mentioned, “I was not just haphazardly writing about some nebulous person… It’s actually a specific image.”

Elaborating on the nitty, gritty of painting, Slyvester opened up that the idea before painting he dubbed as “Before thought”.

Prior to idea, the actor pointed out that one has an inspiration “which is all this stuff banging around in your head,” calling it “roof brain chatter”.

Reflecting on his past, the Escape Plan star wrote, “Painting stumbled into my life during an idle time. I was bored, and knew that I was wasting my creativity. I needed a change, and I found it on an empty canvas.”

For me, a writer, painting goes beyond words- it’s ineffable. The brush is my vessel and the strokes are my voice,” he noted.

Slyvester mentioned, “‘The phantom’, the piece featured, is a visual snapshot of the mind in motion–a tumultuous dance of thoughts before inspiration strikes.”

“If you’re bored, find an outlet. Start creating. Keep punching,” he added in the end.

Following his post, Sharon Stone praised the actor and commented, “This is a nice one Sly.”

Meanwhile, fans were impressed with his painting, as one said, “I would love to have your art work on my walls!”

Another remarked, “Amazing, I never knew you did so many things.”

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