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Shazam on Wear OS goes solo, now works without your phone


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  • The Shazam Wear OS app has received a significant update.
  • Shazam on Wear OS can now identify songs without the phone app.
  • If the smartwatch is not connected to the internet, the app can now record the song and perform a match when an internet connection is re-established.

Shazam, the music-identifying app, just got a lot more useful on Wear OS. The smartwatch app has received a significant update that allows it to work independently from the phone app.

According to 9to5Google, the new and improved Shazam for Wear OS is now capable of identifying songs on its own. The Wear OS app no longer needs to rely on the phone app for this function, so you don’t even need to have the app downloaded on your Android phone.

In the case that your device is offline, the app will now be able to record the song you want to identify. It can then use the recording to perform a match as soon as the smartwatch reconnects with the internet.

This update has also introduced real-time syncing across devices, but you’ll have to be logged in first. The outlet points out that if you’re not using the Google Account option, you’ll want to open the smartphone app first to make sure everything works without a hitch.

Shazam’s latest update (version 14.18) has rolled out widely through the Google Play Store. It’s good to know that despite being an Apple-owned product, the company is still continuing to work on the app for other platforms.

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