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Scammers are selling fake eclipse glasses, beware!


Nasa does not approve or endorse eclipse glasses. — Reuters/File

In around 10 days, a Total Solar Eclipse will grace the skies, but as many people are excited to witness the celestial event, others are trying to take advantage.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has issued an alert, warning that scammers are duping people. With masses scrambling to get the eclipse glasses, they are also being blinded by scams, CBS News reported.

Caitlin Driscoll, with the Better Business Bureau of Western Pennsylvania, said: “Rare events like this where there’s a lot of excitement, where people are looking to make specific purchases and spend money always have a tendency to bring out scammers who capitalize on people’s excitement.”

She asked people to avoid ads on social media and seek sellers who they can trust. Driscoll stressed that it would be better if the glasses were brought from sellers on the American Astronomical Society’s list.

Fake glasses that won’t keep a person’s eyes safe have flooded the market, the American Astronomical Society warned.

Driscoll continued that Nasa doesn’t approve or endorse eclipse glasses, so don’t for that scam as well.

“So just be really cautious purchasing from random sellers and online marketplaces, even if they are claiming to get their products from a supplier approved by the AAS,” she said.

In a statement, Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry asked the masses to do their research. He advised buying glasses that allow safe viewing.

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