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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Caseology Athlex case review: Fitness first


Caseology has recently introduced its Athlex case to the Samsung Galaxy series for the first time, starting with the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Drawing inspiration from athleisure apparel, the Athlex case exudes effortless coolness and comfort. Despite this, the case feels more like a flexible accessory designed to mimic the appearance of a down-filled puffer jacket, a popular item in winter athleisure.

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The Athlex case is a flexible phone case that provides an unexpectedly firm grip. The ridges on the back panel and the textured lips encompassing the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s frame make it easy to hold the otherwise large phone securely. Caseology describes the Athlex as a dual-layer case with high-contrast accents, although these accents may be difficult to discern.

The only accent I could identify was an oval-shaped piece of yellow foam inside the back of the case, presumably designed to absorb impact in case of a fall. While it may serve as an effective shield, it’s hard to say definitively without dropping my phone frequently. It does, however, feel like Caseology could have extended the foam protection to cover more of the phone’s surface area.

One of the things I appreciate about the Athlex is its minimal branding. With a small Caseology logo on the back and the name on the side, it’s more subdued than some other Galaxy S24 Ultra cases I’ve tested. This allows you to focus more on the case’s aesthetics than its brand.

Like other Caseology cases, the Athlex offers additional protection between each camera lens. This ensures that even if your phone falls and lands on the cameras, the case should protect each lens from harm.

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Andy Walker / Android Authority

Perhaps the most surprising bit about the Caseology Athlex is that it’s one of the brand’s most affordable cases. It offers protection for your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra without breaking the bank. The Caseology Athlex is available in active gray and active black. Both versions can be purchased via the button below.

Caseology Athlex case for Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraCaseology Athlex case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Caseology Athlex case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Athleisure-inspired design • Great protection • Affordable

Cool and comfy protection for your Galaxy S24 Ultra

Caseology’s athleisure-inspired phone case shrouds Samsung’s largest flagship in a comfy cocoon that looks great and offers decent protection from minor drops. Best of all, it’s affordable.

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