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Samsung could launch a second ‘Ultra’ flagship phone this year


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  • A report suggests Samsung could launch an ‘Ultra’ branded Galaxy Z Fold 6 this year.
  • According to the source, the so-called Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra might have limited availability.

We’ve been hearing about a cheaper upcoming Galaxy Fold 6 model for a while now. However, details have been sparse about what this more affordable device could be called and how Samsung plans to reduce its price. Now, fresh evidence uncovered by folks at Galaxy Club suggests Samsung might have a higher-end Galaxy Z Fold 6 in the making with the ‘Ultra’ moniker attached to its name.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra, if it exists, will mark the first time the company launches an ‘Ultra’ branded foldable phone. The name also suggests we may be looking at a more expensive phone compared to the $1,799 Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Galaxy Club reports that Samsung is working on a device with model number SM-F958, matching the model number for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which is SM-S928. The eight at the end of the model numbers is what denotes an Ultra model, according to the publication. For reference, the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s model number is SM-F946, and the regular Z Fold 6 is expected to come with model number SM-F956.

Moreover, the report also suggests that the release of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra could be limited to South Korea. For now, SM-F958 appears to be in development only for Samsung’s home country, the outlet report. Its existence cannot be confirmed for the US, Europe, or any other market.

While it’s logical to presume that the newly uncovered model number for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 points to a more premium variant of the phone, this alone is not proof enough of the device’s existence. We’ll have to wait for more evidence or other leaks to confirm that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra is indeed a thing.

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