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Rome Flynn bids farewell to action series


Rome Flynn played the role of Jake Gibson in Chicago Fire

Rome Flynn said goodbye to his role Jake Gibson as he exited Chicago Fire after just six episodes.

Variety confirmed that the 32-year-old American model and actor made his final appearance on the NBC procedural in the episode that aired on March 27.

His exit from the action-packed series was swiftly portrayed as Gibson began experiencing anger episodes due to withdrawal from prescription drugs.

Following a breakdown, he confided in Stella, played by Miranda Rae Mayo, revealing his need to leave and seek treatment.

While the outlet confirmed his departure, it remained unclear whether he would return in the future.

Moreover, three days ago, Flynn posted a mirror selfie on his Instagram bidding farewell to his time in Chicago Fire with a caption that read, “Curtain call Chicago Fire.”

In the comments section, his fans expressed disappointment over his departure from the series after such a short time.

One disheartened fan noted, “You were such a good fit on Chicago Fire. We didn’t get to see nearly enough of you, and now you’re gone. That sucks.”

Another fan lamented, “Noooooo!!!! I just got excited to see you back on there [row of crying emojis].”

“Gibson’s ending seemed like thereโ€™s a chance you could come back,” a third hopeful fan wrote.

Flynn’s exit comes after Kara Killmer and Alberto Rosendo were written off from the show.

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