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Reinforcing the Value of Web Designers in the Age of AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming for us all. Or at least that’s the current narrative.

The technology is already changing how web designers do their jobs. We’re using it to help us debug code and generate content. And who knows what will come next?

We’re also seeing prompt-based tools that promise to “design” for us. The idea is to turn a time-consuming process into one that takes minutes. Oh, and cut into our profits along with it.

Yes, it’s concerning. Even so, I don’t believe that AI will replace us. However, it may require us to reinforce the message of who we are and what we do.

It’s an opportunity to showcase our value to the world. It’s also a chance to re-introduce ourselves to website owners. We might even divert their attention away from these shiny new tools.

How does this look? Here are some ideas for repositioning web designers in the age of AI.

Personal Service and Better Communication

AI tools are user-friendly on the surface. Feed ChatGPT your instructions and watch the magic happen. Could it be that simple?

The reality is a bit different. Getting an accurate response from AI isn’t always easy. You’ll have to write prompts that are crystal clear. Accuracy also depends on the quality of the tool’s training data.

Interacting with a human expert is a better experience. We (hopefully) understand a conversation’s context better than a machine. We can offer solutions based on this information.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of personalized service. The web design industry has a plethora of tools for every need. Finding the right one for a given project is best left to those in the know.

Yes, humans make mistakes. Sometimes, we choose the wrong path. But we can correct course more readily. There’s no need for someone to reprogram us.

Relationship building is also an advantage for us humans. It’s a crucial part of developing a successful website. Try achieving this with a bot!

Web Designers Pay Attention to the Details

The little things often separate a brand from the competition. The same can be said for a website as well.

Human know-how is a factor here. Web designers can draw from experience. There are usability tweaks that an LLM (large language model) may not “think” of. Plus, they may not discern their level of appropriateness.

For example, let’s consider a contact form. Adding placeholder attributes can help guide users to provide the expected input. We’d also want to use HTML labels to improve accessibility. Will an AI design tool take this into account?

Website performance is another relevant example. Reading page speed test results and making appropriate changes is a skill. Sometimes, there are tradeoffs regarding compatibility and functionality. We can’t expect AI to act in our best interest.

There’s no guarantee an AI tool will consider these items. We can use it to help us generate and debug elements, though.

Web designers are better equipped to make these decisions. Plus, we know how to leverage tools to achieve the best result. The machine should be an assistant – not a project lead.

A web designer can help their clients choose the best tools.

Paving a Path for Client Success

In some ways, the definition of a web designer hasn’t changed much. We’re still here to help clients get from Point A to Point B. We serve as a guide on the pathway to online success.

It’s akin to hiring a professional in other fields. For instance, an auto mechanic may have top-of-the-line tools. However, they still have to know how to do their job. Their education and experience are a big part of why we trust them.

The same is true for our industry. AI tools have massive capabilities – and we’re just scratching the surface. But how do we get the best results from them? That’s something an expert can do.

Perhaps it’s no different than the other DIY platforms out there. Many promise that anyone can build a website.

This is true when taken at face value. None of this speaks to quality or usability, though. That’s why some website owners return to us after an unsatisfactory experience.

Let’s go back to our mechanic analogy. Yes, we can install new brakes on our vehicle. But we may not have the expertise to do it correctly. Thus, it’s probably not worth the risk.

Website owners have a similar choice. They can trust that an AI platform will do everything they need. Or they can work with a professional – one who is committed to bringing their vision to life.

In that way, web designers are an essential piece of the puzzle. We should promote ourselves as such.


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