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Real estate agent finds creepy construction in house


A real estate broker was very awkward in Michigan after finding a mysterious construction in one of her 70s-era houses for which she is seeking potential buyers, a video shared on her TikTok showed.

The real estate agent from Grand Rapids Lauren Rockel told the New York Post: “I find secret rooms all over, they’re one of my favourite things to find when showing homes.”

In the video that was viewed nearly a million times, the agent Rockel is showing an interior of a house she listed for sale on her account on TikTok.

During a house tour, she shows her viewers a cabinet inside of the home’s bathroom. “I noticed some hinges on the outside of this built-in cabinet. So naturally, I had to give it a tug,” she said in an explanation.

She further went on to show a secret room constructed behind the bathroom cabinet, prompting her to believe that the area was for storage purposes.

However, she was amazed when she witnessed a rippled glass window facing out toward the bathroom — providing a first-row view of the shower and tub.

“Look at how creepy this is. Let me know what you would think if this was in your house,” she said.

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