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Prince William taught new lesson by King Charles, royal family


Prince William taught new lesson by King Charles, royal family

Prince William, who’s going through intense stress because his dad King Charles III and wife Kate Middleton are both battling cancer, has seemingly been taught a lesson by King Charles and the royal family in a recent post.

The royal family’s social media accounts shared a meaningful message after King Charles’s Maundy Thursday speech, seemingly giving the future king an example of his beloved dad to have the strength to start over again.

The King continues his key royal duties while receiving cancer treatment and having other worries. 

Sharing the King’s audio message, in which the 75-year-old stressed on need of friendship and support to each other at difficult time, the royal family wrote on  Instagram: “The King was unable to attend today, a recorded message from His Majesty was played at the service, describing this year’s recipients as, “wonderful examples of such kindness; of going way beyond the call of duty and of giving so much of their lives to the service of others in their communities.”

The words appeared to be a lesson to the heir to the throne who’s said to be in great pain after receiving the cancer news about his wife.

Prince William, who has cut back on his duties, is expected to return to the public duties after Easter. However, the King is set to attend the annual Windsor church service to mark Easter Sunday.

On the other hand, some experts support William’s decision to stay with his family in need of hour, defending the heir to the throne as it is not an easy situation for him as his father and wife are simultaneously fighting cancer.

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