You are currently viewing Prince Harry better heir to British throne than Prince William: Psychic

Prince Harry better heir to British throne than Prince William: Psychic


Prince Harry better heir to British throne than Prince William: Psychic

King Charles is expected to abdicate his throne in favour of Prince William; however, psychics believe his younger son, Prince Harry, is a better heir to the British throne.

According to a psychic interpreter, numerologist Ifat Orlov, the Prince of Wales would find it “difficult and challenging” to carry on the responsibilities of a King.

In a piece for The Jerusalem Post, he penned, “[William] is expected to slowly start assuming his role as king despite struggling personally and as a result of recent events.”

“These points cause individuals to question if the role of king is suitable for Prince William,” he added. “The prince is in a personal year 7, which indicates a year of introspection. Taking on a new, serious role at this time can be difficult and challenging – and yes, it may even be impossible.”

“However, starting from his upcoming birthday, he will enter three very empowering years,” the expert continued.

However, Orlov claimed that in psychic terms, Prince Harry would be a better successor of King Charles but due to his “controlling” wife Meghan Markle, he may not take on the role.

“Prince Harry, born on September 15, 1984, is very suitable numerologically for the role of king (and yes, perhaps Nostradamus was right). If not for the strict control of his wife, Meghan, he has the potential to be better suited for the throne than William – especially when high-pressure situations arise,” he penned.

“Prince Harry is the most suitable choice for succession numerologically, there is no doubt that this is going to be a very challenging year for the entire family.”

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