You are currently viewing Peaky Blinders’ star lands new role in latest 1980s drama

Peaky Blinders’ star lands new role in latest 1980s drama


Former Peaky Blinders’ star appears in brand new role in latest 1980s’ set drama

Former Peaky Blinders star Jordan Bolger, who played the original Isaiah Jesus in the iconic BBC drama for four seasons, is ready to transform as an actor after landing a new role in his latest 1980s’ set drama.

In This Town, the actor plays Gregory Williams, a British soldier serving in Northern Ireland. 

After returning home, his dreams come crashing down following a family tragedy.

He struggles to find solace between his loved ones and his duty.

Speaking exclusively to, the actor opened up about his character on the show, explaining: “I think he’s in a place that on the surface would be hell for most people, but then for him, the life he was living before isn’t really much different from this one.”

Referring to the character, who is more off on the grey side, Bolger added: “He’s complex and he’s layered and he’s not just black and white. So you can’t just go on the first thing you see [of him]. The ride we go on… it’s a ride for sure.”

However, the new role demands pork pie-style headwear, compared to Peaky Blinders’ flat caps. The actor could still be spotted, sporting stylish suits appropriate to the 80s’.

For the unversed, Jordan appeared on Peaky Blinders for the first four seasons.

However, the actor bid farewell to the show in July 2018, making an announcement on X, formerly known as Twitter.

He wrote: “Disappointingly it seems production isn’t able to work round my other commitments so as it stands I won’t be returning.”

“Peaky/Isaiah has been a big part of my life, a great experience and I’ve met some amazing people but this one is out of my control.”

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