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Passengers travel seven countries to catch up cruise that left them on island for being late


Eigth passengers left stranded at an African island by cruise ship after being late for boarding time. — LadBible

What was intended as a dream cruise vacation has turned into a harrowing ordeal for eight passengers who found themselves stranded on the African island of São Tomé and Príncipe after their ship departed without them due to their late return from a private tour.

Departing from Cape Town, South Africa, on board the Norwegian Dawn, the group of six Americans and two Australians that constituted the tourists had decided on a 21-day voyage which further extended northward up the African coast with its end- destination being Barcelona, Spain. 

But when they didn’t make it to the ship by the 3 pm boarding time on March 27, they had to hide their travelers from the guard.

As residents of South Carolina, the stranded group’s residents Jay and Jill Campbell, reported efforts made to rejoin the ship, including notifications given to the cruise captain, and efforts by local Coast Guard to assist in people’s rescuing, none was provided to them.

This group, regardless of experience and knowledge, learnt how to communicate effectively with others who speak a different language, as well as how the currency issues complicate any arrangements to be made on short notice so that they catch up with the ship. 

In a noble effort of an oasis halt in the Senegalese capital city of Banjul, their trip was botched by unpredictable weather conditions thus forcing them to Dubai as an option for refuge.

Upon the endurance of their tough way, Jill Campbell had no idea about whether they would go back and accept other cruise, which was the reason why their adventure left a remarkable attitude to her.

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