You are currently viewing Nomad eSIM data plans keep your iPhone connected while traveling — save 10%

Nomad eSIM data plans keep your iPhone connected while traveling — save 10%


Something underappreciated about modern iPhones is just how easy eSIM technology makes moving between cell networks. The same is true for Nomad, which leverages the magic of eSIM to provide mobile data in over 170 countries and regions.

Gone are the days of paying outrageous roaming fees or tracking down SIM cards for local data when traveling internationally. Also gone? Physical SIM card trays in new iPhones. That’s where Nomad comes in with its easy-to-use app, and 9to5Mac readers can save 10% with promo code 9TO5XNOMAD.

If you love traveling like us, you know how annoying it can be to stay connected abroad. Here’s why Nomad’s data-only eSIMs in 170 countries are a must-have for your next trip.

Quick and easy eSIM installation

Nomad makes it a breeze to get connected. Simply buy an eSIM through their app and install it with just a tap or by scanning a QR code. You’ll be online in minutes. Plus, the app lets you manage multiple eSIMs effortlessly. This makes staying connected easy and simple — no matter where your journey takes you.

Hassle-free data plans

Choosing between cheap local SIM cards and pricey data roaming is a thing of the past. With Nomad eSIMs, you get the convenience of roaming without the hassle of swapping SIM cards, and at prices that won’t break the bank. Setup is a snap, taking less than five minutes. It’s as easy as using an app on your iPhone.

Making global data affordable for all

Nomad’s mission is clear: make global data affordable for everyone. Thanks to their worldwide partnerships, they offer data plans that are 20% to 40% cheaper than other eSIM providers. That means you can stay connected without emptying your wallet. Nomad even offers regional plans that include mobile data access across multiple countries.

Earn rewards with Nomad Points and referrals

Nomad’s loyalty programs are fantastic. Earn points on every order for future purchases. And their referral program? It rocks. Refer friends and they get a 25% discount on their first order, while you get 25% off your next order after they make a purchase. You can invite up to five friends, maximizing your savings!

Flexible Day Plans

Not sure how much data you’ll need? Nomad’s Day Plans are perfect. Get a set amount of high-speed data per day (like 1 GB), then unlimited data at slower speeds – 512kbps, At 512kbps, you can still browse the internet, send emails, use social media, watch videos and stream music. Ideal for short trips or when you only need data for a few days.

Top-notch customer support

Nomad’s customer support is top-tier. Available 24/7, they’re quick, responsive, and super helpful. It’s a refreshing change from the usual robotic customer service we’re all used to.

Reliable connectivity everywhere

Nomad ensures you’re always connected by offering multiple local network providers in each country. If one network has bad coverage, you’ve got options. This means you can count on staying connected no matter where you are.

Save on your next international eSIM

Nomad has revolutionized our travel experience, making it easy, affordable, and reliable to stay connected. If you’re planning a trip soon, check out Nomad eSIMs. Download the Nomad app today. 9to5Mac readers can also save 10% at checkout with promo code 9TO5XNOMAD. Happy travels!

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