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“NASA’s James Webb Telescope Unveils Stunning Jets of Gas from Newborn Stars | Science & Environment News


NASA’s James Webb Telescope has captured jets of gas from newborn stars for the first time. James Webb Telescope was launched in December 2021. A mesmerizing image of this phenomenon was shared on Instagram by the official handle of the space agency. 

“Astronomers have long assumed that clouds collapse to form stars, and the stars will tend to spin in the same direction. however, this has not been seen so directly before. These aligned, elongated structures are a historical record of how stars are born, “said aid principal investigator Klaus Pontoppidan of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.”

The space agency also informed that the objects previously appeared as blobs or were invisible in optical wavelengths. Webb’s sensitive infrared vision was able to pierce through the thick dust, resolving the stars and their outflows.” 

They also added, “This area is part of the Serpens Nebula, which is located 1,300 light-years from Earth, It is only 1-2 million years old- very young in cosmic terms! It’s home to a dense cluster of newly forming stars (about 100,000 years old), seen at the center of this image.”

This post was shared a few days ago by NASA, and since then this post has gained more than four lakh likes. Social Media users are in awe of this picture. Since being posted, it has gained more than four lakh likes. The post also has numerous comments. Many people were in awe of the picture.

Comments by Netizens 

One netizen commented “Awesome image”.  Similarly, another wrote “Serpens Nebula spitting out babies like a pack of bunnies at a Viagra factory” on X (previously Twitter). Another one commented “Filling the darkness, with order and light…”. The fourth one commented, “Whoever has been doing the captions lately deserves a raise, making astronomy relatable and accessible for all of us. Thank you





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