You are currently viewing Machine Gun Kelly endures seven grueling tattoo sessions for new blackout ink

Machine Gun Kelly endures seven grueling tattoo sessions for new blackout ink


Machine Gun Kelly opens up about, ‘Most painful experience of  life.’

Machine Gun Kelly provided his followers with an intimate glimpse into the arduous journey of obtaining his latest blackout tattoo on his upper body through an Instagram video shared on Monday. 

The 33-year-old rapper, known as the Emo Girl, had initially revealed the tattoo in February.

However, Kelly clarified that the tattoo was for “spiritual purposes only.” 

The video commenced with footage just before the music artist commenced the process with tattoo artist Roxx, spanning seven sessions over two weeks. 

Kelly addressed the camera, stating, “Today marks the day I start the physical change of my body.” 

The reel then transitioned to scenes of the star undergoing the tattooing process on his upper chest, followed by his contemplative remark, “We’ll see what this turns out to be.”

He documented the progression of his blackout tattoo journey in a candid Instagram video, showcasing the grueling process and its physical toll. 

After the initial session, MGK revealed his right arm and shoulder mostly covered in black ink, followed by footage of subsequent sessions capturing the tattooing process, including close-up shots of his collarbone and nipple being inked. 

The rapper shared updates throughout, disclosing the pain he endured, noting, “This is the most painful s**t I’ve ever experienced in my life.” 

He also revealed scars on his left arm, with the tattoo artist acknowledging the discomfort. 

MGK documented swelling in his elbow and utilized a hyperbolic oxygen chamber for faster healing. 

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