You are currently viewing Ludacris heaps praise on Beyoncé for ‘making history’ with ‘Cowboy Carter’

Ludacris heaps praise on Beyoncé for ‘making history’ with ‘Cowboy Carter’


Ludacris heaps praise on Beyoncé for ‘making history’ with ‘Cowboy Carter’

Ludacris showered praises on Beyoncé for making history with the release of her new eighth studio album, Cowboy Carter. 

The rapper lauded the pop queen for taking risks and making new records in her critically acclaimed music career.

The Rollout rapper spoke highly about the Single Ladies singer on the red carpet of the iHeart Radio Music Awards on Monday, April 1. 

He said, “I love how she’s taking these risks and just like making history with it. If anybody deserves this innovator award, it’s definitely her.”

Ludacris added, “And I’m proud and I’ve seen her evolution over the last two decades and I feel like nobody deserves it more.” 

While dubbing Beyoncé ‘fearless,’ the Fast and Furious actor shared, “And I think we need more of those individuals who are not afraid to take risks in this industry. Cross genres, make up their own genres, all of that.”

Notably, the Texas Hold ‘Em singer received the Innovator Award at the iHeart Radio Music Awards. 

During her heartfelt speech on stage, Beyoncé said, “Tonight you called me an innovator, and for that, I’m very grateful.”

She continued, “Innovation starts with a dream. But then you have to execute that dream, and that road can be very bumpy. Being an innovator is seeing what everyone believes is impossible. Being an innovator often means being criticized, which often will test your mental strength.”

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