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King Charles ‘very much head of family’ after Easter service


King Charles showcased he is still ‘in charge’ after recent engagement for Easter service.

His Majesty, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, left admirers stunned with his resilience.

Speaking about his body language, expert Judi James notes: “With the rest of his family arriving wearing rather choreographed-looking smiles of resilience and an almost carefree air, Charles appeared with his own body language suggesting he is still very much head of the Firm and head of his family.”

She adds: “The royals tend to offer continuity and a reassuring lack of change to the nation and this was still the message from the King’s body language today. Charles’s shoulders might have looked a little more hunched than usual and his face is slimmer but his body language signals were all about upbeat good humour and even enthusiasm and energy.

“He was moving to exit his car even before the door had been opened and his mouth was already open in a good-humoured smile as he spotted his hosts. His sense of humour and even fun was fully on display as he pointed and chatted at the crowds, perhaps even sharing some banter, and his four waves before stepping into the service hinted at a reluctance to step out of the royal spotlight again,” the expert noted.

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