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Keke Palmer expresses gratitude for son Leo during Easter celebrations


Keke Palmer says being a working mom is ‘always a juggling act’

Keke Palmer celebrated Easter by doing a precious photoshoot with her precious baby boy, Leo.

The 30-year-old actress took to her Instagram on Sunday to share the sweet snaps and express her undying gratitude for her son.

“Happy Easter from me and my little boy and a Happy Resurrection Day,” she began the heartfelt caption.

She continued, “The love God has for Jesus, and the love I have for my son Leo, is a reflection of the love of God has for me! It’s never ending. The world can be cold but it’s the only place we can share in this human experience. And the love we have for our loved ones gives us an unbelievable will and excitement to survive and thrive.”

She then addressed Leo, whom she welcomed with ex Darius Jackson in February 2023.

“Leo my son, life is so much better with you in it! I’d live a thousand lives just to see your face,”s she lovingly wrote.

“God bless you all, wishing you the best,” Palmer concluded.

The first-time mom has been open about her experience of motherhood ever since welcoming Leo last year.

Earlier this month, she admitted to People Magazine that life is “always a juggling act” as a working mother.

“I do feel like being 30, it’s put me in a different head space that’s allowed me to kind of feel more observational about my life. I’m not so in the weeds of everything. I’m really trusting and having faith that everything will work out as it should. I think so much of that peace has come from my son,” she said.

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