You are currently viewing Kate Middleton, King Charles, Prince William suffering in silence

Kate Middleton, King Charles, Prince William suffering in silence


Kate Middleton, King Charles, Prince William suffering in silence

Kate Middleton and Princess Kate’s cancer diagnosis have put the royal family in cycle of “cruel misery”, according to an expert.

Giving his view on the current situation of the Firm, the expert has compared the royal family to a “prison of gold” as he claims that the “institution works for us” – but not for them.

Lewis Goodall, in an article posted by The New Statesman, claimsΒ King Charles and Kate Middleton are being treated as “public property” and are unable to shield themselves from the world’s prying eyes, no matter how hard they try.

“The Windsors live in luxury, in palaces, with courtiers and planners and servants. But it is a prison of gold. In exchange for opulence and prestige a price is paid – the fusion of family and state. It is a cruel meld, which means self and family and country become indivisible and when division is attempted, chaos beckons,” wrote the journalist.

“Catherine wants privacy? Perfectly reasonable. Could she have it? No. Because there is no privacy in the cage; she belongs to the state, to us.”

The journalist went on to criticise the morality of such a system as he penned: “We are breeding a family to represent our state. They have no choice about it. They cannot opt out of it, even if they try, as Harry has done, they can’t really. Because by the time they do, they are already public property.”

“How long are we all going to indulge in this collective cruelty? Or stealing destiny, inflicting misery, for duty which need not exist?”

The royal family have been hit with two major health crises in the last couple of months, King Charles and the Princess of Wales both are fighting with cancer.

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