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Kaley Cuoco celebrates daughter Matilda’s 1st birthday: ‘A gift from above’


Kaley Cuoco’s daughter Matilda completed her first ever trip around the sun.

The Big Bang Theory alum rang in her daughter’s first birthday on Monday, March 30, 2024. Marking the milestone birthday, she took to her Instagram to share a heartfelt note along with a video montage of baby Matilda’s first year.

“Matilda you are 1! Best year of our lives,” she began in the caption.

The doting mother went on to gush over her perfect little family, writing, “You are a gift from above and have brought the deepest perfect joy to our entire family!”

“Dada and I love you more than we could possibly ever explain,” she said, referring to her partner, Tom Pelphrey.

“I cannot wait to see who you become, but for now, please stay at my precious 1-year-old forever,” she playfully pleaded with her daughter.

Cuoco also took a moment to appreciate her partner-of-two-years, writing, “@tompelphrey thank you for being the best daddy (besides my own) the world has ever seen.”

“She’s perfect. Happy birthday, angel girl!” she concluded the post.

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