You are currently viewing Israeli atrocities in Gaza enter 176th day; 39 more Palestinians killed

Israeli atrocities in Gaza enter 176th day; 39 more Palestinians killed


Israel’s aggression in Gaza entered its 176th day on Saturday, as 17 Palestinians were killed as a result of the bombardment of homeless people in Shujaya police station in Gaza City.

Violent operations of the Israeli army are continuing in the West Bank, with a 13-year-old Palestinian child killed by firing in Jenin, and two other Palestinians injured in the attack.

As a result of the aerial bombardment by the Israeli army in Khan Yunis, 22 Palestinians were killed.

According to foreign media reports, destroyed houses were set on fire in the premises of Al-Shifa Hospital, while the United States approved the provision of war aid to Israel. The United States will provide billions of dollars worth of bombs and fighter jets to Israel.

According to Israeli Defense Minister Yuvigilant, Israel will expand the scope of its military operations against Hezbollah and will defeat the group by reaching Beirut, Damascus, or any other location where it is active.

Demonstrators protesting in Jordan against Israeli terrorism continued for the sixth day, the demonstrators also tried to go to the Israeli embassy.

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