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Hillary Clinton has advice for US voters


Hillary Clinton advises US voters to get over choices of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. — Screengrab/YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Hillary Clinton, who served as a Secretary of State under Barack Obama, extended an advice to the US voters Monday as President Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump are entering to face each other in November this year.

While speaking with an NBC programme The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Hillary Clinton told the voters of Donald Trump and Joe Biden to get over themselves.

The Republican Trump and the Democrat Biden are seeking reelection to the White House as there had been widespread concerns about the old-aged leadership of the country.

“Those are the two choices,” the former first lady said during the interview, comparing both the candidates and agreeing that they were both old.

The former first lady, describing the 81-year-old Biden, said: “One is old and effective and compassionate, has a heart and really cares about people.”

Referring to the 77-year-old business mogul, she noted that he “is old and has been charged with 91 felonies.”

The former president is currently facing 91 counts of felonies and four criminal indictments for election interference 2020, the Capitol riots of January 6, 2021, retaining classified documents after leaving the Oval Office, and paying hush money to an adult film star.

Clinton, in a post on X, former Twitter, said last month: “Multiple indictments and half a billion dollars in civil liability later, pretty much the only person who can say they were better off four years ago is Donald Trump.” 

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