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Here is how April Fools’ Day is celebrated worldwide


Here are some amazing April Fools Day traditions from across the globe. — AFP/File

In France, the tradition starts with clandestinely glueing paper fish onto unsuspecting backs, as if it were an updated version of the “kick me” sign, while the phrase “Poisson d’Avril,” or “April Fish,” is used as the accompaniment. Then, though not particularly innovative, if it is received with good humour, it may bring a half-hearted smile.

In Latin America, “El Dia de los Inocentes,” denoting “Day of the Innocents” in late December, deviates from its fractious Catholic origins to be a day of trick and disposition. Whereas, April 1st is their trick day which they call ‘Dia das Mentiras’ which means ‘Day of Lies’.

The Paso de los Inocentes takes place in Ibi, Alicante, Spain, featuring a town-wide flour fight known as “Les Enfarinats”, a mixture of history and mischief. Concurrently, Iran is celebrating Sizdah Bedar which is linked to the New Year and possesses both the devotional and superstitious components and recalls the ancient rites like Hilaria of the Roman.

The celebrations of Scottland are on for hours, initially beginning with Hunt the Gowk Day where the unsuspecting folk are sent on errands fulfilling no purpose, followed by Tailie Day which comprises harmless Pranks related to the back-side.

In Poland, April 1 mirrors global customs, but pranksters bid farewell with a memorable phrase: The proverb “Prima Aprilis, uważaj, bo się pomylisz!” is a classic one, easily translatable to “April Fools’ Day, be careful — you can be wrong!”—one which can be of much help throughout the year.

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