You are currently viewing Health’s weekend read includes Taylor Swift’s impact amid brain surgery, seniors’ health struggles and more

Health’s weekend read includes Taylor Swift’s impact amid brain surgery, seniors’ health struggles and more


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Woman ‘shakes off’ brain surgery with Taylor Swift songs

A New Jersey woman stayed awake during her brain surgery — and sang Taylor Swift songs to help doctors gauge her cognitive function. Selena Campione, 36, shared her story with Fox News Digital. Click here to get the story.

Center, Taylor Swift is shown performing in Glendale, Arizona, on March 12, 2023; on either side, Selena Campione is shown during her brain surgery on Jan. 31, 2024. For part of the operation, she sang Swift songs so that doctors could gauge her brain functioning.   (Hackensack Meridian Health; John Medina/Getty Images)

Health care is ‘overwhelmingly complex’ for seniors

Adults tend to need more medical care as they age, but coordinating that care can be stressful and strenuous for seniors. Doctors discussed the health care challenges older adults face — and what needs to change to improve the situation. Click here to get the story.

Man upset with doctor

Adults tend to need more medical care as they age, but coordinating that care can be stressful and strenuous for seniors. Here’s what to know. (iStock)

Should busy doctors use ChatGPT as ‘assistants’?

It’s happening more often — busy physicians are turning to chatbots for help in summarizing medical reports. Experts weighed the benefits and the risks of using AI in the health care space. Click here to get the story.

artificial intelligence doctor

AI responses, such as those from ChatGPT, were found to be 70% shorter than real physicians’ responses in a new study. (iStock)

Intermittent fasting could have unexpected effects

Time-restricted eating has been linked to a higher risk of heart-related death in a new study. The researchers and cardiologists offer their insights on the surprising connection. Click here to get the story.

Food timing - fasting

Previous studies have found that time-restricted eating can improve key measures related to heart health, including blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels, the AHA noted in a press release. (iStock)

Cancer and Princess Kate: What to know about screenings

Kate Middleton’s announcement of a cancer diagnosis has sparked an outpouring of support — and concerns about the uptick of cases among younger adults. Here’s what to know about the recommended cancer screenings for early detection. Click here to get the story.

Kate Middleton in a white top with navy stripes sits on a bench to announce she has cancer

“We hope that you will understand that, as a family, we now need some time, space and privacy while I complete my treatment,” Middleton said in her announcement on Friday. (The Prince and Princess of Wales Twitter)

Cold therapy under hot scrutiny in new study

The benefits of cold plunging and other ice therapies have been called into question by a new study. The researchers plus cold therapy experts reacted to the findings. Click here to get the story.

cold water plunge

Cold therapy has been a popular health trend in recent years, but a new review suggests it might not live up to the hype. Still, others disagree with that. (iStock)

Smokers at high risk of heart attacks

People who smoke marijuana daily face a significantly higher risk of heart attack and stroke, a new study found. Get the details on the effects of frequent cannabis use. Click here to get the story.

weed smoking heart health split

Daily weed smoking could cause complications for heart health, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. (PABLO VERA/AFP via Getty Images; iStock)

Drug overdoses hit record high

Drug overdoses reached a new high last year in the U.S., according to a new CDC report. Find out what groups were most affected — and what addiction experts think about the surge. Click here to get the story.


At-home abortions are on the rise

Since 2020, the prevalence of medication abortions — triggered by what’s known as the abortion pill — has risen 10%. Women’s health experts detailed the possible reasons for the increase. Click here to get the story.

Woman holding prescription

A medication abortion typically costs around $800, according to the Planned Parenthood website, but some health insurance policies may cover it.  (iStock)

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