You are currently viewing Gordon Ramsay shares glimpse of his adventurous ‘ski’ trip: Watch

Gordon Ramsay shares glimpse of his adventurous ‘ski’ trip: Watch


Gordon Ramsay gives peek into his adventurous trip: Video

Gordon Ramsay has recently shared insight into his adventurous trip to Lech, Austria.

On Monday, the celebrity chef posted a video of him taking on the ski slopes for his vacation in Austria.

The Next Level Chef host was featured in a clip where he could be seen standing at the top of a snowy mountain in head-to-toe skiing gear.

In the short video, Gordon was spotted going down the hill and showcased his impressive skiing skills on the slope.

After reaching the bottom of the hill, the celeb chef said, “That was amazing!”

In the caption, Gordon wrote, “Amazing Easter weekend in Lech! Amazing snow and food Gx.”

Last week, the Hell’s Kitchen host also gave a peek into his family life at home as he spent a Sunday with his two sons.

In the photo, the two brothers were seen in pajamas as four-year-old Oscar had a look of concentration on him as he held an electronic device while his four-month brother watched next to him.

In March, Gordon’s wife Tana said she’s been “blessed” with her six children on the occasion of UK Mother’s Day.

Captioning her Instagram post, Tana penned, “Happy Mothers’ Day to all, and thinking of those who find today challenging, sending so much love. I am feeling incredibly blessed to be Mummy to these incredible people.”

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