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Ezra Miller’s ‘Invincible’ role recast for Season 2


Ezra Miller’s legal issues prompt recasting in ‘Invincible’ series.

Ezra Miller’s tenure as a superhero in the realm of Amazon Prime animation has come to an end, albeit quietly. 

The actor’s role as mad scientist D.A. Sinclair in the hit show Invincible has been recast without much fanfare. 

Stepping into the character’s shoes is Eric Bauza, known for his work in prominent animated series such as X-Men ’97 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

While Miller provided the voice for Sinclair in just one episode of the first season, the character made a return appearance in Season 2, now voiced by Bauza. 

The switch occurred seamlessly, with fans noticing the change only after the fact.

Amazon has remained mum regarding the recasting decision. However, the shift appears to be a response to Ezra’s personal life over the past two years. 

The actor faced a series of allegations and legal troubles, including a recent criminal case in Vermont where Miller pleaded guilty to burglary charges. 

These incidents, some of which were captured on video and garnered widespread attention, have likely influenced the decision to replace Miller in the role of D.A. Sinclair.

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