You are currently viewing Ernie Hudson found ‘fountain of youth’ after actor drops jaws over his age

Ernie Hudson found ‘fountain of youth’ after actor drops jaws over his age


Ernie Hudson leaves fans wondering what age he actually is 

Ernie Hudson has been crowned as the new internet sensation ahead of the release of his highly-anticipated film Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

There are speculations concerning the actor’s looks and fans can’t believe the age he actually is.

The actor who was recently spotted on the red carpet, is in fact 78-years-old, with many suggesting that the veteran film star “looks half his age.”

Internet went absolute gaga after the red carpet photos went viral, leaving fans completely awestruck.

Ernie Hudson on the red carpet
Ernie Hudson on the red carpet

One user took to X, formerly known as Twitter, captioning a photo of Hudson: “Seventy f**king Eight??”

While another chimed in, adding: “I thought he looks 45!”

A third commented: “This man had found the fountain of youth… he looks good for his age!”

The actor has worked on multiple projects, including The Crow and Miss Congeniality and Ghostbusters.

Speaking to the Independent about his life as an actor, Hudson noted: “Most things come and go, not a lot of people noticed that I was in three films last year. But it’s just a job.”

“It doesn’t give you special status. I haven’t been so successful, like some friends who can barely walk down the street or made so much money that they can’t count it. I’m still a working guy.”

On a professional front, the Ghostbusters alum is ready to reprise his role as Winston Zeddemore in the upcoming installment, masterminding the next generation in the paranormal universe.

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