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Customer shares hellish experience of canceling an AT&T phone line


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  • A customer had a frustrating experience trying to cancel a phone line through AT&T customer support.
  • The customer support agent continued offering alternatives persistently, even though the user was clear on canceling the line.
  • The ordeal lasted over an hour, even though the cancellation took about five minutes.

Consumers in the US have to contend with three primary carriers: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Depending on your area and its infrastructure, these options could dwindle even further, often leaving you with no choice but to stick with that one carrier that works, no matter how frustratingly. When you do want to switch or cancel, you will find that the experience can get so much worse, as this Redditor found out the hard way.

Redditor BudgetPea9967 recounted an experience they had a while ago with AT&T. Primarily, the redditor wanted to cancel a phone line because the user of the line was no longer within the country. For this, they contacted the AT&T customer support system through chat. What should have been an easy 10 minutes of straightforward conversation to cancel a line ended up stretching for over an hour.

We’ll let you go through the 24 screenshots from the user to better appreciate their frustration during the ordeal.

For the TL;DR, the customer support representative kept offering the user alternatives instead of canceling the line. Options ranged from reducing the rate by suspending the line, changing the line number to a new line number for free, offering loyalty upgrades, pitching dual-SIM for hotspots, and more.

It is so painfully evident that the customer did not want any alternatives and just wanted to cancel the line. Either the customer support representative was stuck in a conversation flowchart loop trying to follow a standard operating procedure, or was trying to achieve some KPI targets, or the user was chatting with a bot that got stuck in a conversation flowchart loop. I personally would have lost my patience significantly earlier in the conversation, so major props to the user for being better than most of us on this end.

In the end, the user managed to cancel the line (which took about five minutes at the end), and even filed a complaint with AT&T for this ordeal. However, the user mentions that they have not received any response to the complaint. Eventually, the user also switched to T-Mobile. Many other users (across different carriers) recounted similar situations when they wanted to cancel their phone line. The experience certainly isn’t limited to any one carrier, so choose your best option carefully.

If you’re ever stuck in such a situation, Redditor DoAndroidsDrmOfSheep has a piece of helpful advice, recommending porting the number out for $7 and then canceling the line from that ported service.

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Have you had a similar experience when canceling a line with your carrier? Let us know in the comments below!

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