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Celebrating Legacy, Inspiring Palates: ITC Bukhara Marks 45 Years of Culinary Mastery


At the heart of Bukhara’s charm is its traditional clay oven cooking, which brings to life succulent tandoor-cooked kebabs, vegetables, and breads

An acclaimed premier dining destination, Bukhara’s menu has remained a perennial delight for Heads of State, global leaders, connoisseurs, celebrities, and notable figures alike

Nestled within stone walls and adorned with vintage log-top tables, Bukhara at ITC Maurya offers a timeless dining experience. The earthy tones, wooden accents, and traditional decor evoke an authentic sense of heritage, reflecting the richness of culture. Once inside, guests are welcomed by a symphony of nuanced flavors that harmonize with the setting. And this year, Bukhara is celebrating 45 illustrious years of delivering the bold flavors of the North West Frontier, a remarkable milestone for culinary history,

An acclaimed premier dining destination, the restaurant’s menu has remained a perennial delight for Heads of State, global leaders, connoisseurs, celebrities, and notable figures alike. And what’s more, in an ever-changing era, Bukhara stands as an enduring icon, its menu remaining unchanged for over four decades. The restaurant prides itself with selecting quality ingredients sourced locally, strict food controls, and a focus on guest satisfaction and as it celebrates 45 glorious years, it plans to continue to define culinary journey, ensuring the restaurant remains an iconic destination for years to come.

We sit down with JP Singh, chef culinaire to delve into the secrets behind the restaurant’s iconic menu and beautiful ambiance, where traditional Indian dishes cooked in the tandoor take center stage. Reflecting on his journey with the iconic restaurant since 1991, Singh says, “Over the years, I’ve witnessed the restaurant’s remarkable ascent to becoming an iconic culinary destination, catering to dignitaries from around the globe. As we celebrate Bukhara’s 45th anniversary, it’s a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence and innovation.”

One of the hallmarks of Bukhara’s cuisine is its unique cooking techniques, rooted in the traditional clay oven method. “We’ve revived the nearly forgotten nomadic cuisine of India, bringing it into the modern era. Initially, large animals were cooked over spit fire, but we’ve refined the process, offering bite-sized chunks marinated to perfection. Our kitchen’s protrusion within the restaurant is a distinctive feature, embodying our dedication to authenticity and tradition,” adds Singh.

North West Frontier cuisine stands apart from other regional cuisines in India due to its robust flavors and emphasis on healthy, lean meats. “We meticulously cure and marinate each meat differently before cooking it in the clay oven, known as tandoor. We trim excess fats to ensure a healthier dining experience, prioritizing quality and flavor above all else,” explains Singh.

The restaurant has been renowned for its iconic dishes like Sikandari Raan and Dal Bukhara, a lentil delicacy that simmers for hours on end, imbued with the soul of tradition and bursting with flavour. Emphasizing the concept of “breaking bread” together is the legendary Naan Bukhara, baked in a dedicated tandoor. Perfect for sharing, it embodies the spirit of communal feasting, and has consistently captivated diners, transporting them to the charming countryside landscapes with every flavourful bite.

Singh elaborates, “Among our iconic dishes like Sikandari Raan and Dal Bukhara, the latter holds a special place in the hearts of our patrons. The process behind creating this signature dish is a labor of love. We select the finest quality lentils, wash them multiple times, and boil them overnight over a charcoal grill. The slow cooking process yields a homogeneous texture with minimal fat, ensuring a truly exceptional dining experience.”

Among the most unique traditions is the tradition of eating with hands at the restaurant. “Encouraging guests to eat with their hands is not just a culinary choice but a cultural tradition deeply rooted in Indian heritage. It enhances the sensory experience, allowing diners to fully appreciate the flavors and textures of our cuisine,” believes Singh.

As the restaurant celebrates its 45th anniversary celebrations, they are looking forward to host loyal patrons and new diners.

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