You are currently viewing BTS’ V sets internet abuzz with shocking transformation

BTS’ V sets internet abuzz with shocking transformation


V surprised fans with his striking transformation ‘I’ve come to like V even more now’

Kim Tae-hyung, known professionally as V, sent fans into a frenzy with his muscular physique in latest photos.

The BTS sensation graced the Gangwon FC vs FC Seoul match in the 2024 K League 1 Round 4 at Chuncheon Songnam Sports Town on Sunday, as reported by Allkpop.

Fans were thrilled by the surprise appearance of the 28-year-old South Korean singer and songwriter. 

However, his striking transformation from a slender body to a muscular one truly caught everyone’s attention.

Netizens flooded various social media platforms to react to V’s bulky body.

One fan expressed sheer astonishment, stating, “He looks so thick now omg, he used to be so slender.”

A member of the ARMY fandom gushed, “I’ve come to like V even more now.”

The third fan highlighted, “I heard it’s hard to be an SDT without strengthening one’s body like that, so this is good.”

Meanwhile, another fan chimed in saying, “When you go to the army, you’re forced to have a regular lifestyle with a set routine, so he’s eating three meals a day and exercising… so this is actually his normal body now.”

V is currently serving in the Army’s 2nd Corps in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, as part of the Military Police Special Task Force, and is scheduled to be released on June 10, 2025.

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