You are currently viewing Beyoncé’s missing tracks on ‘Cowboy Carter’ vinyl spark industry speculation

Beyoncé’s missing tracks on ‘Cowboy Carter’ vinyl spark industry speculation


Beyoncé’s highly anticipated album, Cowboy Carter, made its debut on Friday to widespread acclaim, marking the beginning of a new era for the iconic artist.

However, some fans who received physical copies of the album were left puzzled by discrepancies between the digital and physical releases. 

Reports surfaced over the weekend indicating that certain tracks featured on the digital version were missing from both the CD and vinyl editions.

Specifically, fans noted the absence of four tracks – Spaghettii, Flamenco, The Linda Martell Show, Ya Ya, and Oh Louisiana – from thevinyl release. 

Meanwhile, the CD version included Flamenco, but omitted the other four songs.

This discrepancy led to confusion and frustration among fans, particularly as Beyoncé’s e-commerce store had promised an “additional song” on the CD version, although no such bonus track was included on the disc. 

Some speculate that Flamenco may have been intended as the aforementioned “additional song.”

Concerned consumers who reached out to the retailer regarding the missing tracks on Beyoncé’s album received an automated response acknowledging the increased volume of emails and indicating that their inquiries would be addressed within three to four days. 

This delay in response has left fans frustrated as they await clarification and resolution.

Fans have speculated on the possible cause of the missing tracks, suggesting that Beyoncé may have finalized the CD and vinyl pressing before deciding to add additional songs to the album. 

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