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Bella Hadid slams Israeli minister


Entering its thirteenth day, Israel’s siege of al-Shifa hospital has cost more than 400 lives have been lost, including patients, war-displaced individuals, and healthcare staff, Al Jazeera reported. As of March 19, almost 32,000 Palestinians have died with over 74,000 wounded.

While the global outrage against Israel’s brutality against Palestine gets louder, many celebrities and bigwigs are continuing to use their fanbase to amplify the cause. Palestinian-American supermodel Bella Hadid has once again joined the horde of critics of Israel’s brutal apartheid regime.

Taking to her Instagram Story on Saturday, the model reshared a clip from a speech by Israeli minister Orit Strook on the intensifying tensions in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. In the video, which is originally in Hebrew, Strook’s strong remarks are translated as “The Palestinian people do not exist. There is no such thing.” 

Bella penned a critical note in the overlaying text on her IG Story in response to the Israeli minister’s claim. “Check my father’s passport and the millions of people executed with Palestinian heritage in their blood and hearts,” she firmly proposed.

She furthered on, “The generational Palestinian land that has been taken [away] from them, the lives that have been robbed and the families that have been destroyed. At the hands of people who decided one day that it was theirs and only theirs.” Bella capped the message with “Food for thought”.

In another IG Story, she posted a video from Al Jazeera depicting dozens of casualties in Syria reportedly caused by Israeli air strikes, as per the Syrian military. “The massacres do not stop. One devastation after another. At the hands of a singular power,” the fashion icon protested in another overlay message.

Following Israel’s deadly military operative against Palestinians after Hamas’ surprise attack in southern Israel on October 7 last year, Bella broke her silence a few weeks later with a long note. Taking to Instagram, the celebrity posted a TikTok montage video showing worsening devastation in Gaza and the West Bank, followed by her stance on the matter. 

“Forgive me for my silence,” the model began, “I have yet to find the ideal words for this deeply intricate and horrific past two weeks, weeks that have turned the world’s attention back towards a situation that has been taking innocent lives and affecting families for decades. I have much to say, but for today, I will keep it short.”

Bella also confirmed recent reports of having received “daily” death threats after she and her family’s phone numbers got leaked due to their half-Palestinian heritage and criticism of Israel. Sources close to the family also reported that Mohamed Hadid, Bella’s father, was considering involving the FBI to trace the perpetrators behind the threats. Sharing how these events made her family fear for their safety, the half-Palestinian celebrity asserted that she “cannot be silenced any longer” and that “fear is not an option”.

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