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Arez Ahmed is totally cool with his wife earning more than him!


Showbiz couple Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmed appeared as joint guests on Shan e Suhoor to discuss how their lives have changed since they got married in a close-knit ceremony in 2022. Emerging as a rising star in television, Hiba revealed that both she and Arez have melded together to adapt to each other’s temperaments. 

“Every couple has their own journey,” explained the soft-spoken Deewangi star. “When we got married, we were both working, so we didn’t have too much time to sit and think about our honeymoon period. I sometimes think we’re still in our honeymoon period!”

Learning to adjust

Arez jokingly pointed out that after getting married, he has learned to mop up the bathroom after a shower. With a packed shooting schedule that can sometimes run late into the night, Arez went on to reveal that all he wanted to do on Sundays was laze about on the sofa, and that he has finally succeeded in persuading Hiba to mellow down and do the same. 

“I am a very lazy person,” confessed the Dil Tanha Tanha actor frankly. “On Sunday, I want to do absolutely nothing. Hiba is someone who is always on the go, and always used to want to make plans and have a list of things to do, but it’s a well-deserved Sunday! So now she joins me on the sofa.”

Hiba added that Arez, too, had transformed since tying the knot. “I think there have been lots of positive changes in our lives,” she noted. “I know that Arez has changed for the better. He has become more family-oriented, and more calm, and more sweet. Even towards work, he’s now more professional – in a good way, I think.” 

On managing moods and money

Never one to raise her voice in anger, Hiba stressed that one rule the couple shared was that they resolve any lingering disagreements on the same day. “We never involve our families in any of our issues,” said the actor in earnest. Voicing his agreement, Arez chimed in with, “If she’s ever going to her mother’s, I make sure she’s in a good mood and we aren’t fighting!”

On the subject of who is better at financial planning, Arez nominated himself, although when Hiba pointed out that she, in fact, saved more money, Arez swiftly rebutted with, “You save more because you earn more!” However, Arez was quick to add that having a financially independent wife is not something that intimidates him. 

“I am not a man who gets insecure about something like that,” he said with some measure of pride. “I am proud of her.”

With the reserved Hiba and outgoing Arez complementing each other’s personalities, the couple’s closeness in their personal life shone through on the sofa before their host, communicating effortlessly to the audience how well suited for each other they are.

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