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A new Sony phone hits FCC, could launch soon



  • A Sony phone showed up on the FCC website, hinting at a possible upcoming launch.
  • The phone (model PY7-75946U) might be LTE only, likely not the Xperia 5 V many have been waiting for.

Sony smartphones may not always be at the top of the best Android phone charts, but they represent the last stand of true enthusiast phones. For those like us who hope for more Sony phones, a recent FCC listing might be cause for optimism.

The FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, is a government agency that regulates electronic communications in the United States. One of its functions is to ensure electronic devices don’t exceed radiation limits. Manufacturers seeking to sell their products in the US typically need to pass FCC certification. So, FCC listings are often seen as a strong indicator that a new phone launch is on the horizon.

The newly listed Sony phone carries the codename PY7-75946U, with PY7 signifying Sony and the remaining digits representing the model number. Unfortunately, beyond that, details are scarce, with one potentially worrying exception. The filing seems to indicate that the device is LTE compatible only, with no mention of 5G support.

This omission practically eliminates the possibility of the device being the Xperia 5 V, a phone Sony previously said wouldn’t launch in the US market. It’s more likely this FCC-listed phone is a Japan-exclusive model, a situation not uncommon for Sony.

For those craving a new Sony phone in the US, there’s still hope. Leaks for their upcoming flagship, the Xperia 1 VI, have already begun surfacing, suggesting its launch isn’t too far off.

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