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5 Celebrities Homes That We Are In Love With


Uncover the irresistible charm of these celebrity residences, where luxury seamlessly blends with individual style, creating a mesmerizing symphony of elegance.

Discover the allure of these celebrity homes, where luxury meets personal style in stunning harmony.

Explore the lavish abodes of Bollywood’s elite, from Amitabh Bachchan’s regal Jalsa in Mumbai to Shahrukh Khan’s opulent Mannat. Each home is a masterpiece of design, reflecting the celebrity’s unique style and taste. Akshay Kumar’s tranquil oasis, Kanika Dhillon’s elegant duplex, and Shilpa Shetty’s chic Kinnara all offer a glimpse into the world of luxury living. Discover the allure of these celebrity homes, where luxury meets personal style in stunning harmony.

Amitabh Bachchan

Jalsa, is a majestic residence located in the heart of Mumbai in Juhu. The interior décor of Jalsa is characterized by a sophisticated blend of luxury and heritage. The interiors are adorned with long windows, grand chandeliers, high arches and vintage rugs in rich hues adding a regal charm to the surroundings. The wooden furniture adds warmth and character to the space creating a cozy ambience. Overall, Amitabh Bachchan’s bungalow is a true reflection of his stature as an icon combining luxury comfort & elegance.

Shahrukh Khan

Mannat, the iconic residence of SRK is a sprawling 6 storey mansion located in Bandra, Mumbai. Designed by none other than Gauri Khan herself along with Kaif Kaquih almost took a decade to complete the interiors. The interior style of Mannat is nothing short of luxury – a perfect blend of beige, brown and white tones with contemporary design elements, wooden flooring, beautiful carpets and exclusive leather items. Spread across multiple level Mannat boasts spacious living areas, plush bedrooms, a home theatre, gymnasium, library and a massive terrace offering a non-interrupted sea facing view.

Akshay Kumar

The house crafted by Twinkle Khanna is nothing less than a treat to us as it embraces a beautiful ambiance with soothing blue and earthy tones. A ceaseless view to the Arabian sea with intricate details to wallpapers and patterns gives each area a unique character. The furniture is a perfect combination of comfort and design. Lush green lawns and an indoor pond adds an appealing touch to the house. Every element describes Twinkle Khanna’s exquisite taste and a perfect combination of warmth and sophistication.

Kanika Dhillon

Kanika Dhillon and husband Himanshu Sharma luxurious 7,500 square feet duplex house designed by Shabnam Gupta located in the heart of four bungalows Mumbai signifies elegance and luxury. The spacious abode is a perfect amalgamation of monochrome interiors with elaborately carved wooden doors, colorful printed wallpapers, curved archways, antique panels, vintage mirror and giant chandeliers that purely describes her personality. Additionally, the home has a chic bar with cozy seating’s making it an ideal spot to host guests.

Shilpa Shetty

Kinnara is a stunning sea face bungalow that exudes luxury and sophistication. The classy abode is adorned by timeless antiques, animal prints and vintage lights enhancing the overall elegance of the décor. Throughout the house, touches of gold accent can be seen that adds a sense of opulence and luxury. The bungalow features a lush green garden that gives a serene retreat in between the hustle and bustle of city life.

The homes of celebrities offers a captivating glimpse into the world of luxury, elegance and personal style. In their own different styles these celebrity homes offer inspiration showcasing their brilliant taste in designs.

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